ICF Announces the Smart21 Communities of 2009

We’ve talked about the ICF Smart Community awards in the past. It’s an extremely prestigious award. I’m sure we will learn more about the awards and the recently announced Smart21 communities at the Blandin Broadband conference in December where Robert Bell, from the Intelligent Community Forum will be speaking.

Here’s more info on the recent award announcements:

The Smart21 of 2009

The Smart21 of 2009 includes communities from 12 nations on four continents with populations ranging from 17,000 to 2.5 million.
• Albany, New York, USA; population 94,000
• Ashland, Oregon, USA; population 22,000
• Bristol, Virginia, USA; population 17,500
• Dublin, Ohio, USA; population 40,000
• Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; population 1,035,000
• Eindhoven, Netherlands; population 297,000
• Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; population 50,535
• Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia; population 509,000
• Issy-les-Moulineaux, France; population 61,000
• Kenora, Ontario, Canada; population 17,000
• Malta; population 405,000
• Manchester, England, UK; population 2,500,000
• Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada; population 125,000
• Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa; population 1,200,000
• Porto Alegre, Brazil; population 1,400,000
• Riverside, California, USA; population 291,000
• Stockholm, Sweden; population 795,000
• Tallinn, Estonia; population 400,000
• Taoyuan County, Taiwan; population 1,950,000
• Trikala, Greece; population 52,000
• Westchester County, New York, USA; population 950,000
Eight of the communities were on the 2008 Smart21 list and three were named to the 2008 Top Seven. Ten of the 2009 Smart21 are North American communities, seven are from Europe, two from Asia-Pacific, one from South America, and one from Africa. In addition to individual cities and towns, the 2009 Smart21 includes two counties and two multi-city metropolitan areas.

“Each of these communities has demonstrated a commitment to improving their communities through innovative broadband applications,” said Louis Zacharilla, ICF Co-founder. “The ingenuity of these communities is exemplified in their investments in the future of the young, the growth and progress of job-creating businesses, and economic security. An overarching theme of the 2009 honorees has been the dedication to putting people first and building a ‘talent inventory’ that will thrive with technology and innovation.”

More information on each community is available at ICF’s Web site (www.intelligentcommunity.org/smart21). The Smart21 were selected from hundreds of candidates and submissions from communities large and small with submissions received from every continent.

About ICF

The Intelligent Community Forum (www.intelligentcommunity.org) is a think tank that studies the economic and social development of the 21st Century community. Whether in industrial or developing nations, communities are challenged to create prosperity, stability and cultural meaning in a world where jobs, investment and progress increasingly depend on broadband communications. For the 21st Century community, connectivity is a double-edge sword: threatening established ways of life on the one hand, and offering powerful new tools to build prosperous, inclusive economies on the other. The Intelligent Community Forum seeks to share the secrets of success of the world’s Intelligent Communities in adapting to the demands of the Broadband Economy by conducting research, hosting events, publishing newsletters and producing an international awards program.

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