Demo of Telepresence

Yesterday Bill Coleman and I got to tour the videoconferencing tools at Video Guidance. I wrote about them about a week ago and that scored us the invitation.

First I have to saw that I see very little HD anything in my real life. I might have to save up for an HD TV! First we saw their regular (HD) videoconferencing tools and they were pretty good. The picture and sound were clear and you could focus the camera (of the people you were looking at) remotely. But it was the telepresence that was really cool.

I took a video. While I love my FlipVideo – I’m the first to admit that the quality isn’t the best but I think it gives the impression enough to share…

(Sorry, video removed upon request of Tandberg, the Telepresence providers.)

We met with Dustin Artwohl, who works primarily with schools and government agencies. It was also fun to hear about some of his projects – such as the school project where districts can remotely save and store video. It seems as if it works like a Video on Demand works at home. They store the video centrally and anyone is the district can access it. So they can save commercial videos (with a site-wide license) and/or save videos of their own making. So say you had a native Mandarin speaking teacher, you could save all of her classes to use now and in the future.

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1 thought on “Demo of Telepresence

  1. It was fun to see that the quality of video conferencing has really improved so that movement blur is really minimized and picture clarity is sharp. The room setups for the demonstrations really show the importance of lighting for a quality experience.

    Ann and I saw both hi-definition video and the telepresence set up. Both were impressive in their picture quality. With the telepresence, we really were face-to-face with the Tanberg team in Chicago.

    Equally impressive is the relatively low bandwidth at which these systems can operate. The HD worked very well at 1 Mbps. The telepresence conference used three 2 Mbps video streams. These conferences were utilizing the public Internet, not dedicated lines. It would be interesting to test an HD unit on a home DSL or cable modem connection to see how it would work for a SOHO user. We heard that there will soon be a HD videophone unit retailing for $1500 or about the price of a couple plane tickets to Chicago on short notice.

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