Update on MN PUC LTD Broadband situation – no update from FCC

This is an ongoing saga that many of us are watching closely and some might want a little recap…

The Minnesota PUC decided to continue to move forward looking at revoking LTD Broadband’s ETC designation. (Background: LTD was awarded an opportunity to apply for$311 million in federal RDOF funding. They needed the ETC designation from the MN PUC to qualify; industry folks asked the MN PUC to rethink their designation because there were concerns about LTD being able to fulfill the contract. Last month, their application for RDOF was rejected.)

The latest update is a letter from LTD Broadband reporting that they have asked the FCC to reconsider their decision…

LTD Broadband submitted an Application for Reconsideration (AFR) to the FCC on September 8, 2022. As of February 1, 2023 this application remains pending and the FCC has taken no action

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