Le Sueur County Broadband Fair – well attended, good questions and tour of local wellness center

The Blandin Broadband crew attended the Le Sueur County Broadband Fair on Thursday. Hosted by the Le Sueur County Broadband Initiative, it looked like a pretty simple setup but it got a lot done. Providers were invited to set up a table. There local broadband team created a few “booths” that promoted the Affordable Connectivity Program (broadband subsidies to households that need it) and other funding opportunities like Congressionally Directed Spending. There was a vendor selling delicious BBQ and a few places to sit.

The event was very well attended. I would guess 60+ people through the event.

Getting people together to chat freely about broadband was a great idea. A lot of customers got to the right people – even if that just meant letting off some steam. A lot of potential customers heard from a number of providers. Engineers from the County chatted with different providers about where the fiber really is. Providers looking at maps and realizing that they can more towers now that the original community has FTTH.

Before the event, we attended the broadband steering committee, where we heard them plan contingency upon contingency based on what funding comes in and through which door it arrives. Le Sueur broadband is a study in persistence and resilience.

Also, we learned about the Clubhouse for folks with mental health issues in Le Center and ended up visiting it the next day. It’s a terrific community-led spot for folks with persistent and/or constituent mental health issues to go to learn skills, build friendships or just get away from the other parts of their world that might be causing stress. You can see our tour below.

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