Helpful Instructions to Apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program

C|Net has a helpful article on how to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program. I thought folks might be able to pass this on to folks who can share the news with likely candidates. It seems like often programs like these get underused because the folks who really need it aren’t online to get these good instructions. They outline the steps:

  • Find out if you qualify
  • See if you can skip the queue
  • Have your paperwork ready
  • Apply
  • Follow up with your provider

I won’t copy the whole article here but here’s the “apply” info for folks who read to fast (like me) and to give you a sample of the rest of the article…

You have three different ways to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program. The first is to apply online. You can log in and create a new account at the ACP’s online application portal.

Your second option is to apply by mail. You will need to print out an application, complete it, and send your copies of the required documents to ACP Support Center, PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742.

Finally, your other option is to contact your ISP directly and ask if it participates in the ACP. If it does, it should be able to assist you and walk you through whatever steps are needed to complete the process.

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