States will be working to create a digital equity plan

Agri-Pulse recently posted an article that outlines federal money coming to the states to support better broadband deployment and adoption, including the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which requires stated to create a digital equity plans…

With the first $60 million in funding, states are required to develop digital equity plans and determine what state agency will be responsible for carrying out that digital equity plan. Angie Dickison, executive director for the Minnesota Office of Broadband Development, told Agri-Pulse that her office would likely be the one in Minnesota tasked with carrying out that plan, but that still needs to be determined. For now, however, she said the state is in the beginning steps of determining what its digital equity plan should look like.

“Our office is leading that work for now,” Dickison told Agri-Pulse. “As we find out more about how these programs are going to be deployed at the federal level, we’ll certainly adjust and support another office if that’s how it turns out to be.”

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