Lunch Bunch ADA and digital accessibility with Belo Cipriani: Notes and Video

Big thanks to Belo Cipriani, owner of Oleb Media for joining us today for the Lunch Bunch. We had a great conversation on the need to bring people and communities with disabilities into the wider community and into broadband and digital equity conversations. Belo comes to us as a noted disability advocate and someone who has overcome barriers of blindness – through technology and by improving technology.

Here is the original description of the event:

On October 27 we will have Belo Cipriani, owner of Oleb Media, a digital access firm that helps companies ensure their products and services meet ADA accessibility requirements. Belo is on the Minnesota Council on Disability and is an author of a blog on accessibility (recent post on How to Improve the Digital Accessibility of Your Business may be of interest) and several books. I’ve asked Belo to join us to chat about accessibility and hope he might tell us a little about his interesting life. I’m also hoping people will bring their questions and thoughts.

And a few notes – although I think it’s worth a listen because technology can be a tool to unite your community, or divide it. It can be an opportunity to draw new residents to your community or it can leave you on shelf. Belo talked about:

How he approaches an accessibility plan:

  • Testing
  • Connectivity
  • Training

How he approaches digital equity training:

  • Engage
  • Study
  • Activate

And types of tech users:

  • Novices
  • Specialized users
  • Power users

A lot of what people can do in their workplace or community to support people with disabilities starts with procurement. Choose tools that will accommodate differing abilities and then know how to use those tools and accommodations.

One lesson I walked away with is remembering while that I may be a specialized power user that doesn’t mean my way couldn’t be improved to make it more accessible to others. And I can probably re-learn to become a power user with a new special software or solution.

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