NW Regional Broadband Gathering Notes & Video

A couple dozen folks met last week to talk about broadband in Northwest Minnesota.

The session was half presentation and half discussion. We could hear the frustration of folks who needed better service. It made work and school more difficult. As someone pointed out, patchy broadband access determined business failures and successes, especially among resorts and other hospitality-related businesses.

Access wasn’t the only issue. Affordability was an issue and making sure that folks have the skills to use it. Growing digital skills with people looking for jobs in and out of the tribal community is essential to creating an even playing field.


Broadband and COVID-19 Presentation

Diane Wells, Office of Broadband Development, DEED


Discussion Questions

  1. Why is broadband important to you/your organization?
  2. What are some best practices for broadband adoption in use in your organization/industry?
  3. What work are you involved within our region to advance broadband access, adoption, affordability, and use?

Next Steps and Closing – Bernadine Joselyn, Blandin Foundation

  1. Annual Broadband Conference
  2. Announcements about an opportunity

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