OPPORTUNITY: Submit Your Video for Digital Inclusion Week 2021!

I have a double ask here for folks in Minnesota. First – it would be amazing to see a lot of Minnesota folks submit items to NDIA for Digital Inclusion Week. If you do submit, please consider sharing it with Blandin Foundation too and we’ll work to find a way to fit it into the Fall Conference

Digital Inclusion Week 2021 (Oct 4-8) is getting closer and we’re ready to feature YOU in our new video. See instructions below and submit by August 24.

  1. Prepare to shoot your video or take a selfie
  • Find a friend to help record
  • Hold your phone in landscape mode
  • Don’t stand too far from the camera because it will affect the sound quality (6 feet or closer)
  • Think about your background — Is there somewhere that represents your city, town, or organization? We’d love to see your setting!
  • Print and hold up a sign and take a selfie OR a video: Create a 10-15 second video
  1. Use the prompts to shoot your video – Introduce yourself and say one of the phrases below or make your own 10-15 second video

Digital empowerment means ______.

Digital empowerment means internet for all

Digital empowerment means access to tech training

Digital empowerments means access to devices

Digital empowerment is inclusive

We need digital equity NOW

I’m with ______ and we’re creating pathways to digital empowerment.

  1. Share the video (or selfie) with me by Aug. 24 – drop it in our Google Drive folder here and we’ll include it in our official Digital Inclusion Week 2021 video and share and tag you/your org on social media

Please name the file with your org name so we can tag you!

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