EVENTS TODAY: MN Broadband Task Force & Blandin Lunch Bunch

A reminder to check out the Task Force meeting this morning and then join us for a late Lunch Bunch to talk about it…

Each month the Blandin Foundation hosts two conversations or lunch bunch sessions. This month the second Lunch Bunch, which focuses on Digital Use and Inclusion, falls on the same day of the MN Broadband Task Force meeting. The Task Force goes from 10am to 12:30 pm. The Lunch Bunch goes from noon to 1pm. So I had an idea. I propose that folks join me at the Task Force (when you can) and that we meet for Lunch Bunch after.

The Task Force holds space at the end of each meeting for public comments. They almost never get comments but I think they would be well served by hearing from folks on the frontlines who need better broadband. So if you have a story to share – I especially invite you to join me in the meeting. If you are interested in watching but not being seen, I livestream the meetings on Facebook too.

Once the Task Force meeting ends, I will pop into the Lunch Bunch meeting and Mary Magnuson has kindly offered to hold open that space until I get there. And I figure we can talk about the Task Force meeting and/or anything related to the Task Force. Over the years I have attended most of the Task Force meetings through the many iterations of the group.

Register now!

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