Precision Ag, not just for early adopters anymore – as heard on Community Networks podcast

I find precision ag intriguing. I love getting tours. (Hint, hint.) I think it’s amazing how math can help harness nature. So I was delighted to see that Chris Mitchell spoke with Julie Bushell, President of Paige Wireless and Co-chair of Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Precision Ag Connectivity Task Force on the Community Networks podcast.

One thing that struck me was when Julie was talking about livestream video drone footage, she noted that drone footage is not bleeding edge, it’s standard. It’s standard for those who have access anyway. In an industry where money is made by pennies in pounds, any slight advantage or disadvantage makes a world of difference.

They talk about farming but also about the impact of having better broadband in a community. It helps start businesses. It keeps kids in town for another generation.

Julie notes that for funding we’ve always looked at only home and business. There may be just one home in a 1,000 acre home but that may include a lot of devices. We need to consider the Internet of Things, the internet of precision ag when we’re looking at federal funding.

Also need someone working on connectivity from the device side – we need standards that make it easy to connect no matter what the mode.

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