Baxter City Council will look at broadband issues during future workshop session

The other day the Blandin Broadband team were talking about what’s happening in Minnesota. We noted that communities, journalists and engaged citizens are going to great lengths to understand not only the technology of broadband but the policy issues surrounding state and federal funding. This is a great example. Baxter City Council will look at broadband issues during future workshop session; the Brainerd Dispatch reports

Council member John Ward said changes expected later this summer from the Federal Communications Commission could have significant negative effects for internet connectivity for residents.

“There are a whole lot of people in the city of Baxter in our whole area that are going to lose their internet,” Ward said.

With state and federal funding available for broadband expansion, Ward recommended the topic be discussed in greater length with the council. City Administrator Brad Chapulis said he is getting information from CTC on the topic.

Regarding the residential construction, Ward told the council during the Tuesday, Feb. 4, Zoom meeting, a constituent raised the issue of the fees.

Money is set aside until a house passes city inspections and receives a certification that it is ready to be occupied.

“But what happens is the contractors need the money right away,” Ward said.

Ward recommended a discussion to look at the process and when that money could be released to the contractors. The rest of the council agreed to have those conversations.

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2 thoughts on “Baxter City Council will look at broadband issues during future workshop session

  1. Good morning, Anne. The information posted in the Brainerd Dispatch wasn’t clear or in some cases correct. There are 46 residential homes impacted in this change. In most or all cases these homes will have access to Century Link or Charter. The biggest inaccuracy in the article is the timeline. CTC has until August of 2022 to service these customers – not this summer. I hope this helps to clarify.

    • Thanks Kristi – it feels like the City Council could use a second conversation on broadband. There were some oddities in the article.

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