Telehealth upgrades unrelated to COVID-19 – weird and wonderful innovations

Dr Bertalan Meskó recently wrote about new innovations in telehealth that have come up in the last few months but are unrelated to COVID-19. The author (rightly in my case) assumed that I hadn’t read about them…

  • Researchers have created a tabletop device that will help them directly access patients to draw blood or insert catheters….The robot uses artificial intelligence and near-infrared and ultrasound imaging to accurately pinpoint blood vessels.
  • Full genome sequencing still takes days, and it’s a costly endeavour. However, researchers are working hard to make these tests more accessible. … This ultra-rapid genome sequencing can bring results in three days or less. The insurance company expects to cover this technology for about 200-250 babies or children annually in California.
  • The above-mentioned initial enthusiasm diminished in Google and Novartis regarding digital contact lenses that could measure blood glucose levels in tears. … Researchers at Pohang University reported the development of such smart contact lenses. At the same time they controllably release a drug that may help treat diabetic retinopathy drug delivery.
  • Talking about wearables, Fitbit has recently launched its large-scale heart study, aiming to gain upon its main competitor: Apple Watch. Apple’s Heart Study, began last year with an astonishing number of 420.000 participants.
  • In September 2019, Walmart launched a digital healthcare site. On it, consumers can make doctor’s appointments as well as schedule hearing tests and immunisations.
  • Weird news from the researchers at Stanford University, who developed a smart toilet with a built-in, upward facing camera. The device will analyse faeces and urine as they pass through. This is a useful feature for people who are genetically predisposed to certain conditions.
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