SupDoc is a MN made telehealth app to diagnose and treat common ailments remotely

MinneInno, a publication that promotes local innovation, reports on SupDoc, a telehealth app…

Common ailments like ear infections don’t stop during a pandemic. Local telehealth startup SupDoc wants to make sure that Minnesotans get the care they need without leaving their homes.

Founded in 2019, SupDoc offers virtual visits with local doctors to address things like allergies, medication refills, coughs, strep throat and more.

During the current crisis, the company is offering free COVID-19 screenings through its app to help determine if a person should be officially tested for the disease. SupDoc also established a fund to help essential workers get the care for common ailments if they cannot afford it.

You can become a customer as an individual or at an enterprise level. It sounds a little bit like the Minute Clinic – but from your living room….

Most common conditions, such as pink eye or UTIs, are diagnosed by answering a few simple questions. SupDoc allows users to answer the same questions any doctors would ask at an in-person visit without the need for scheduling an appointment or traveling to a clinic.

Visits are a flat rate of $50. The cost includes unlimited follow-up questions. If a doctor can’t provide a treatment plan, patients won’t be charged.

Last week, SupDoc launched an initiative to provide virtual doctor visits at a discount to all essential workers. For $35, any essential worker can get treatment for common conditions. Doctors can also refill most prescriptions virtually.

For those that can’t make $35 happen, there’s another new initiative – the Community Fund. Anyone can contribute to the crowdsourced fund, which will go straight to financing virtual visits for essential service workers in Minnesota.

SupDoc also discounted its subscription service, which businesses can offer to employees.

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