EVENTS April 16 & 18:The UpTake’s Community Journalism E-Trainings

As we can be in fewer places at any time, I think the need for citizen journalists grows. And one of the silver linings of the Stay at Home mandate is that organizations are moving training online and now distance from training doesn’t matter, which means I can share info on classes that would normally be practical only for folks in the Twin Cities. The Update reports…

The UpTake’s Community Journalism E-Trainings

As many of you know, The UpTake has hosted regular community journalism trainings. Unfortunately, these in-person gatherings have been temporarily cancelled. However, we do have several e-trainings scheduled for April and May and you are invited!

The first digital training sessions are this week, April 16 and April 18, from 9am-11am.

These trainings are always FREE and they are always open to our community. However, they cost about $250 to host, between prep, staff hours, and follow-up. A $10 donation helps us keep these trainings free for those who attend and who may not be able to afford to make a donation themselves.

All of our current freelance journalists have gone through The UpTake’s community journalism training program. All of these individuals are paid and all of these individuals have received a professional-level community journalism education.

Donate today and help us keep our community journalism trainings free.

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