Community Broadband Surveys: Blandin Broadband Leadership Webinar Archive

Thanks to the presenters and attendees for joining the latest Blandin Broadband Leadership Webinar: Community Broadband Surveys. Here we have the description, video archive, slides and chat transcript (get handouts discussed in the webinar)…

The fourth of ten webinars – Community Broadband Surveys – over the next five weeks is April 9 at 9 am CDT.  Join Doug Dawson of CCG Consulting, Tom Johnson, County Coordinator for Nobles County and Nancy Hoffman, Executive Director of the Chisago County EDA/HRA as they talk about best practices in designing, implementing and interpreting community broadband surveys.

Online chat

00:41:44       Michelle Marotzke: I did a lot of door knocking and talking with potential customers for Kandiyohi County – it was a great way to get feedback and get an opportunity to really convince them of the need for those on the fence.

00:41:54       Swan Ray: In my experience, survey questions on willingness to pay are often inaccurate when goods/services are perceived as socially or environmentally beneficial. For example, surveys report that a high percentage of consumers are willing to pay for organic foods or fair trade goods, but the sales data relative to those goods does not correlate to survey data. When it actually comes to paying, consumers don’t pay extra, even when those goods are available. Does this happen with broadband surveys too?

00:45:41       Swan Ray: Thank you! Great to know that moving forward.

01:05:40       Sarah Kuglin: Great information and ideas!  Thank you!!

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