EVENT April 7: Blandin Broadband Leadership Webinar – Broadband 101

As the need for better broadband everywhere becomes more evident every day, are you – as an elected official, government staff or concerned citizen – wondering how to get your community or county on the right path to fixing the problem?  Would you like a better understanding of how to organize your area, select the right technology, attract the right project partners and obtain the necessary project, including grants, funding?  The Blandin Broadband Leadership Webinar Series is for you.

The third of ten webinars – Broadband 101 – over the next five weeks is April 7 at 9 a.m. CDT.  Join Carl Meyerhoefer of Calix and Tim Johnson of MVTV Wireless as they share their expertise in helping to create and spread a shared broadband vision in their area.

  • Carl will provide an overview of fiber optic networks, including technology choices between passive optical networks (PON) and Ethernet and considerations in deciding whether to bury fiber or hang it from existing poles. He will also inform attendees about the prospective benefits of publicly owned networks to support future innovation.
  • Tim will discuss the various flavors of wireless technologies, including information on the varying capabilities of different radio spectrum in terms of bandwidth and distance. He will also discuss about the prospective impact of 5G in rural areas.
  • Together, they will talk about the mutuality of fiber and wireless technologies so as to connect people in a variety of ways for various purposes.

Click here to complete the week two pre-webinar survey. Your responses will help inform the presentations and kick-off the Q&A.
Week Two Worksheets.
Corning Fiber Optics
Next Century Cities Toolkit (or download the PDF)
WISPA Graphic
Broadband Now
Maine Broadband Institute Guidebook 

Join us by clicking here https://zoom.us/j/308862200 or typing 308 862 200 in the Zoom mobile app.

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