Telehealth simulation in New Ulm – practicing to give preemies best healthcare

This is broadband at it’s most heartwarming! The New Ulm Journal reports…

Nurses, respiratory therapists and pediatricians at New Ulm Medical Center’s birth center raced to restore the breathing of an infant born prematurely Tuesday as doctors and specialists watched from the Twin Cities via a virtual care cart.

Neonatologists and nurse practitioners from Children’s Minnesota watched and provided insight as a breathing tube was inserted into the rubber throat of an infant mannequin.

This medical emergency was just a simulation, as medical professionals at NUMC familiarized themselves with the birth center’s virtual care cart that’s a part of the clinic’s expanding telehealth program.

They talk about the old way…

“Historically, in situations like this the team in New Ulm would have gotten on the phone and talked with our neonatal nurse practitioners and our neonatologists in the Twin Cities at either the Children’s Minnesota St. Paul or Minneapolis NICUs,” Wenzel said. “We feel offering the ability to actually view the baby, they can provide better support than through a phone call.”

And the new way…

The virtual care cart allows hospital staff to connect with other medical professionals in real time via an audio-visual platform connected to the cart — sometimes as far away as across the country.

Director of Children’s Simulation Program Karen Mathias said telehealth resources such as the virtual care cart increase communication and can allow for quick consultation between providers and patients. During situations such as Tuesday’s simulation, physicians can decide if an infant needs extensive medical care and needs to be transported to a larger facility for care.

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