Broadband Market Survey for Lake Shore Community – good model

Bill Coleman and I (mostly Bill) have been working with Lake Shore community to help get a picture of what better broadband would look like in their community. One of their first steps has been to create a broadband survey. I’m sharing it for three reasons. First – if you live in Lake Shore, please take the survey – it won’t take 10 minutes to complete.

Second – I thought it would be a good model for others interested in working on a plan. It’s a one-page survey so you don’t need to take it to read all of the questions. Here’s the introduction to give you a flavor of what you’ll find…

The City, working with a group of interested residents, recently formed a Committee to actively seek alternatives for expanding our Internet options.  One of our first steps is seek your input about current Internet services.   Additionally, the Broadband Committee is in discussions with Internet providers.
Please be assured that by completing this questionnaire you are not obligating yourself to purchase any services, either now or in the future.  Your response to this questionnaire will remain confidential; your response will help us find the best solution for improving Broadband Internet access in Lake Shore.

Third, it’s a good excuse to remind people that the Blandin Foundation offers help to communities looking to improve local broadband access through – Community Broadband Resources Program, which is technical assistance and general support to help you explores next steps toward better broadband.

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