Next Discussion in MN House on Broadband grants – April 26

[Added Wed 2:00 – HF4289 has just been removed from this agenda and moved to Friday]

So often these meetings get changed – and you can generally get the latest on the House website – but the next step for the MN Broadband grant bill (as part of the Omnibus bill) is a hearing with Ways and Means.

It looks like it is scheduled to on the agenda for Thursday April 26…

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Time Note:

The Ways and Means Committee will meet after legislative session at the Call of the Chair

Room: 200 State Office Building

Chair: Rep. Jim Knoblach


HF3719 – (Hamilton): Omnibus agriculture finance bill.

HF4289 – (Garofalo): Omnibus employment, economic development, and energy bill.

HF3502 – (Fabian): Omnibus environment and natural resources policy and finance bill.

HF4016 – (Anderson): Omnibus state government finance bill.

HF4099 – (Knoblach): Obsolete transfer deleted.

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