Rep Johnson reminds citizens that Minnesota State’s cybersecurity

Representative Sheldon Johnson has an Op-Ed in MinnPost warning citizens that Legislators are not taking citizens’ online security seriously enough to invest in better protection from cybersecurity attacks…

To be frank, some of the state’s computer systems and security measures are outdated. There are dedicated public servants working around the clock to keep data safe and the vital functions of government running, but they need tools that meet the threat today’s hackers pose. That’s why Gov. Mark Dayton requested $27 million, which is 0.0001% of the state budget, to bring our state’s computers and IT infrastructure up to date.

Instead of funding that request, with a $1.65 billion surplus, the priority for legislative Republicans was not Minnesotans’ data or personal information, it was more than a billion dollars in giveaways to insurance companies and tax breaks for the rich, well-connected, and big tobacco. What’s worse is they even removed provisions stopping Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and others from selling your private data to the highest bidder. Consider that fact for a moment. Not only is the security of your data not a priority for legislative Republicans, allowing giant telecommunications companies to sell your browsing history is the priority. That’s simply mindboggling to the average Minnesotan.

It seems like he’s giving folks a nudge to give their representatives nudge if cybersecurity is important to you…

Minnesotans value the important role government plays in many areas, such as education and keeping our waters clean and air breathable. We also don’t think much about it, but we expect government to do the basic things it’s supposed to do, such as keep our sensitive information safe and protect our privacy. Abandoning those values isn’t what the people who voted for us wanted us to do; it’s what the corporate special interests wanted. We must demand that the people of Minnesota are put first, that we uphold our values, and not allow politicians to sell us out for the big businesses that donate to their campaigns.

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