TDS expands service in Minnesota using federal funds for speeds ranging from 25/3 to 4/1

According to Telecompetitor

The FCC A-CAM program is helping fund TDS broadband expansion in Minnesota, the carrier announced. Engineering and design work is beginning, that will set the stage to bring broadband to more than 2,200 locations throughout western Minnesota. Construction is expected to begin this Fall or in 2018, according to TDS.

The A-CAM program, part of the FCC’s Connect America Fund program, will provide $5.1 million for this particular project and TDS says hundreds of additional nearby locations not covered by this funding will also benefit. Depending on location, most of these residents will see speeds of 25/3 Mbps, with others getting 10/1 Mbps or 4/1 Mbps. TDS owns four telephone companies in Minnesota and employs about 225 people in the state.

One the one hand it will be a good thing for folks who see faster speeds, on the other hand it’s federal funding being spent on expansion on speeds ranging from 25/3 to 4/1 speeds. That is a far cry from state goal of 100/20 by 2026.

I noticed in Telecomparer that the expansion is specifically noted Kandiyohi County (in the headline and) …

TDS Telecom (TDS) began design work earlier in 2017 in the Mid-State Telephone service area that includes part of Kandiyohi County as well as portions of Pope, Swift, Stearns and Chippewa counties.

The mentione of Kandiyohi caught my eye because Kandiyohi County and CTC have partnered on a $10 million broadband project to construct a fiber line to bring high-speed access to north central Kandiyohi County. They were awarded a Minnesota state broadband grant and are looking for residents to sign up for the service now to ensure that the project moves forward.

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2 thoughts on “TDS expands service in Minnesota using federal funds for speeds ranging from 25/3 to 4/1

  1. CTC Broadband Project is now on the brink of existence. The CTC board met on Thursday, July 27th and made a decision to pull the Kandiyohi County project, leaving the $4.9 million award in the coffers of the State Border-to-Border office. TDS announcements have a great deal to do with the decision. Even though the technology and resulting speeds will not compare the CTC’s proposed fiber broadband, residents of the area could choose to keep the services they have for convenience sake or because they do not know or understand the differences. This unknown and the cost of deploying the fiber network were deciding factors for the CTC board. They also stated, “lack of sufficient future broadband subscribers financially committed to the project” was the deciding factor. The goal of 810 early sign-ups had been secured and the second goal of $25 deposits secured from 50% (810) was over 700. The efforts to secure high-speed broadband for the County will continue.

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