MVTV Wireless: serving corners of Minnesota fiber doesn’t reach

Montevideo American News recently did  feature article on MVTV Wireless and president Dan Richter. Dan has been with the company since 1960. I think that’s a great demonstration of how the roots of anything broadband related go back much farther than people expect. Most companies working on broadband have been working for a long time; most communities working on broadband have been working for a long time.

While the article gives a nice history of the company, they also talk up the role of wireless infrastructure…

Wireless is affordable…

According to Richter, what sets MVTV apart from other companies is its affordability. He cited the high cost of installing fiber optic cable as a detriment to bringing broadband to rural areas.

“Fiber costs between $15,000 to $20,000 per mile. It doesn’t make financial sense to run fiber where there may only be a small number of people living in a section.” said Richter.

There will always be a place for wireless because it can go almost anywhere…

Wireless broadband has opened up other unlooked for opportunities for MVTV. For example, people were interested in having Internet connectivity at campgrounds, and in the last three years MVTV worked with area counties to bring the Internet to 14 area campgrounds.

The company has also brought wireless broadband to baseball fields, race tracks, and county fairs. Pam Rosenau, customer service and market developer for MVTV, said, “The technology is evolving very quickly. We never thought 4-H would be live streaming from county fairs!”

MVTV also contracts with counties and cities to provide free public access WiFi hotspots. Nobles and Kandiyohi counties are two such counties that now deliver public WiFi to people who may not otherwise have Internet.


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