Notes from Fiber and Gigabit Networks Webinar

The webinar on Gigabit Networks went well yesterday. I just wanted to share all of the notes.

Here’s the description:

Fiber and Gigabit Networks: Free Blandinwebinar Feb 12 | Blandin on Broadband//

Gigabit networks over fiber are the future and the future is here now.  In just a quick couple of years, these high capacity, low latency networks have become the network of choice.  First used by networks of research universities, these networks are now commonly connecting K-12 and health care networks.  From Google Fiber’s announcement a couple of years ago to deployment in cities by small and large providers and municipalities, and in by rural areas, by cooperatives.

Learn about these networks from three perspectives – 1) from a technologist on how the technology works; 2) from a provider on how it financially works; and from a community on how they are making it work as a competitive strategy.


The video of the event:

And the Powerpoint Presentations:

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