Dakota County moves forward with plans to expand broadband to reach local businesses and residents

Yesterday I attended a Dakota County Commission meeting where they discussed their broadband plan. I wanted to capture as much of it as possible because Dakota County does a stellar job with their government network. They drove telecom prices from $700,000 to $15,000, they have expanded their network to neighboring counties, They have shared their contracts and forms as models.

Now they are talking about expanding the network and opening it up on an open access basis to third parties who would offer broadband services to local businesses and residents. I think the pitch that the broadband team made to the County Commission is valuable for anyone looked to understand the practical aspects of a community fiber network as an understandably high level.

Dakota County claims that collaboration has been key to making broadband plans work. I think it’s that and their unabashed goal to be best in the state. I think that kind of pride and motivation gets stuff done!

David Asp was kind enough to share his PPT from the presentation with me…


I caught much of the presentation on video. As you’ll hear (more than see!) they hit on points like education and economic development that is probably higher than broadband on the priority list of most Commissioners…


And a quick video on how fiber will/can be used by local government…

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