Minnesota Broadband Task Force – 15 positions are open

This came up at the last broadband task force meeting … the Task Force members, by default, have had three-year appointments and those three years are up. So apparently the Task Force members will be asked to reapply – but those seats are actually open to everyone. So if you’re interested the opportunity was mentioned in the Secretary of State Vacancy listing

GOVERNOR’S TASK FORCE ON BROADBAND  1ST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING  332 MINNESOTA STREET, SUITE E200 ‐ 5TH FLOOR  ST PAUL, MN 55101  651‐259‐7613  EXECUTIVE ORDER 11‐27  Appointing: Governor  Compensation: None  Vacancies: Fifteen Vacancies including Fifteen Members.  To develop, implement and promote state broadband policy, planning and initiatives to achieve State broadband needs and  goals.  Inventory, assess and report on various aspects of broadband.  Develop a Minnesota Broadband Plan outline.   Membership includes a maximum of 15 members, representative of both metro and greater Minnesota.  A balance of  broadband interests, include: consumers, education institutions, health care institutions, telephone companies, cable  companies, wireless companies, metropolitan areas and rural areas.  Meetings will be held at least monthly in St. Paul.

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