Seniors getting connected with high schoolers in Lake County

Back in the 1990’s I remember “think global act local” being a big mantra for the Internet. I think nothing fulfills that notion better than intergenerational programs that help connect seniors (grandparents) connect with seniors (high school) to learn how to use computers. Builds local connections as well as opening up a global world.

The Lake County News Chronicle recently highlighted such a program happening in their area…

Last year in Lake County, high school students worked one-on-one with senior citizens to help get them online, offering training and support. The evening and summer programs through AGE to age were a big success and are now going to be repeated Nov. 5 at 4 p.m. in Two Harbors and Silver Bay. …

We had heartwarming interactions and personalized learning occurring in our media center all night. It was so cool to see the different generations engaged, talking, laughing, asking questions and enjoying each other.

Two of our students were working with a 95-year-old woman who was having trouble getting her email to work. I walked through the lab as the trio was cheering on their successfully sent emails. It was so cute. Another girl stayed almost 8 p.m. with her senior partner even though the class technically ended at 6 p.m. They updated her iOS on her MacBook and downloaded some productivity apps, and they didn’t want to stop part way through. We had iPads, computers, smart and not so smartphones, school-owned and personal laptops, Kindles, and a slew of other technology, all being worked on at the same time. We even served dinner in the “no food allowed” media center and all the equipment survived just fine. We also had a camera crew here who is filming a documentary on the broadband project, so it was a great opportunity to include this workshop as part of their story.”

The Student-to-Senior Multi-Age Tech Training classes will be held again on Nov. 5 at 4 p.m. at THHS in the Media Center and at William Kelley, Computer Room 101. Choose the tech topic you want emphasized, and your student will come prepared to help you out in a fun, stress-free environment. No fee. Classes will fill quickly.

Register online at or call the Community Education offices to sign up. The number is (218) 834-8201, ext. 8230 in Two Harbors or 218-226-4437, ext. 8137 in Silver Bay.

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