Many Minnesota Businesses Want Faster Internet Services

Many Minnesota Businesses Want Faster Internet Services

New business survey shows online sales represent considerable revenues for Minnesota businesses, but more bandwidth, speed desired

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  1. Paul, MN – New research released today by Connect Minnesota shows that while online sales represent substantial revenues for state businesses, a significant number of Minnesota businesses want more bandwidth or faster Internet service. The survey reveals that 21,000 Internet-connected businesses want more bandwidth; of those, nearly two-fifths (39%) report that they can’t get faster service where they are located.

“The data continue to illustrate the importance of broadband to our state’s businesses and our economy,” said William Hoffman, state program director for Connect Minnesota. “Bandwidth and high-speed Internet access are no longer luxuries for businesses – they are necessities.”

Among other findings of the 2014 Minnesota business survey:

  • Online sales represented more than $36.8 billion in revenues for Minnesota businesses last year
  • More than one in five Internet-connected Minnesota businesses (21%) now rely on cloud computing services, including data storage and back-up, file sharing, and website hosting
  • 76,000 Internet-connected Minnesota businesses lack redundant or backup Internet service. This means that if anything were to happen to their Internet service, they would be unable to connect to the Internet
  • More than one in eight businesses say it is important for new employees to be able to create or edit a mobile app, while one in nine say it is important for new employees to know at least one programming language
  • Nearly half of Minnesota businesses (46%) say they spend their own time and resources training new employees on the software that their business uses

These and other findings are available on Connect Minnesota’s website.

Connect Minnesota’s 2014 business survey was based on interviews with 603 state businesses; the research was conducted as part of the State Broadband Initiative grant program for Minnesota, funded by the NTIA.

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2 thoughts on “Many Minnesota Businesses Want Faster Internet Services

  1. I spoke to a rural telco up there today indicating they were 100% covered and wouldn’t consider any form of wireless as a solution, nor was there ANY interest in “edging out”.

    Obviously, they don’t want expose their own weaknesses, but based on the stats I read daily at your blog…somewhere there’s a disconnect.

    I know we are a manufacturer of a new wireless technology, and based on my media background, I would always “consider the source” but do the telcos, and ILECs specifically, NOT realize the reality of the situation? The stats, even if they fall somewhere in between, make clear that something should be done.

    Ok, thanks for letting me vent. I was hung up on a bunch today. LOL.

  2. Wireless can be a great way to edge out. I was just talking about that at breakfast yesterday – to a community leader wanted it! It gets people connected quickly, builds a customer base and you’d think it would help build a demand for more broadband! The mobility of wireless means it will always be attractive – and it’s a great stepping stone!

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