Posted by: Ann Treacy | February 23, 2014

Minnesota Bill for Kill Switch on Smartphones

Tangentially related to broadband, but interesting, here’s the gist of a proposed bill (HF 1952) to re smartphones to have a kill switch. Good for privacy – also a good reminder to how vulnerable we are due to increased technology. Smartphone are convenient and make us all a little smarter but also leave us a little open…

    Subd. 2. “Kill switch” required. (a) Any smart phone sold or purchased in
1.22Minnesota must be equipped with functionality that can render the device completely
1.23inoperable in the event of theft or loss.
1.24(b) In order to comply with paragraph (a), any “kill switch” functionality must:
2.1(1) wipe the device of all saved data;
2.2(2) render the device completely inoperable on any wireless telecommunications
2.3service provider’s network globally;
2.4(3) prevent the device from being reactivated or reprogrammed without a passcode
2.5or other similar authorization;
2.6(4) disable the device even if it is turned off or has had the SIM card or other data
2.7storage medium removed; and
2.8(5) be reversible in the event of the device’s recovery by its owner.
2.9(c) Wireless telecommunications service providers and wireless telecommunications
2.10equipment manufacturers are jointly liable for ensuring smart phones sold in Minnesota
2.11meet the requirements of this subdivision.

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