BBC Update: Mille Lacs County looks at Wi-Fi week, training and PCs for People

Bill_ColemanI have a few updates to share on the Blandin Broadband Communities this week. Today we look at Mille Lacs County. Bill Coleman has been the community broadband coach in Mille Lacs. I appreciate his notes for the update!

The Mille Lacs County BBC team is finalizing plans for “Wi-Fi Week” October 7 – 12. By that time, many of the new Wi-Fi sites will be installed and operational across the county, including many county buildings. MN Extension will be offering business seminars and the libraries are also participating. Newly equipped Wi-Fi hot spots on school buses will be on display and operational for high school sporting events.

The Mille Lacs PCs for People initiative is moving ahead nicely. County social service staff have identified eligible families and have sent invitations to receive a refurbished computer. With a computer and broadband, these parents and kids will be better able to complete school assignments, search for work and other important tasks.

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