More Minnesota Broadband Legislative Issues

So yesterday news of HF 2695 (a proposed bill to prohibit community broadband networks) seemed to take most of us by surprise. So I thought it might make sense to comb through recent emails to shine a light on other legislative issues that could/would/should relate to broadband.

H. F. 2533 – broadband equipment
Short description: Broadband equipment allowed a credit for installation.
(It’s a bill for an act relating to taxes; individual income and corporate franchise; allowing a credit for installations of certain broadband equipment; amending Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 290.06, by adding a subdivision. The bill, introduced by Rep. Sheldon Johnson, was read for the first time and referred to the Committee on Commerce and Regulatory Reform.)

H. F. 2678 – fiber grant for edu
Short description: Early childhood, kindergarten through grade 12, and higher education provisions modified; early learning and higher education gap scholarship programs established; fiber optic infrastructure grant program established; money appropriated for a public school’s fiber optic infrastructure grant program; schedule implemented to repay the school aid payment shift; accessibility increased to career and technical education; bonds issued, and money appropriated.
(Introduced by Reps Winkler, Ward & Lillie.)

SF2054 – wireless at rest areas
Short description: Wireless internet services at safety rest areas establishment requirement
(It would require the commissioner of transportation (DOT) to establish wireless internet service at safety rest areas in the state. Authors are Sens. Dibble, Rest and Lourey. The bill was read for the first time and referred to the Committee on Transportation.)

SF2080 – broadband focus to PUC
Short description: Telecommunications regulations streamlining, duties transfer to the public utilities commission (PUC), and appropriations (House companion is HF2475)
(Authors are Senators Rosen ; Sparks ; Howe ; Senjem ; Metzen) The bill specifically mentions retention of the state broadband goals, while directing broadband activity to be moved from the Department of Commerce to the MN PUC.

S.F.1528 – online learning
Short description: Teachers 21st century tools; students online course encouragement; online learning advisory council provisions modifications (House companion is H. F. 2127)
(Authors is Senator Nelson. Establishes an Online Learning Advisory Council.)

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2 thoughts on “More Minnesota Broadband Legislative Issues

  1. Bill Name: HF1141
    Teleworking credit created, and telework expenses sales tax exemption provided.
    House Authors Gunther ; Kiffmeyer ; Poppe ; Fabian

    H. F. 1237, A bill for an act relating to taxation; expanding education subtraction and credit to broadband subscription expenses; providing a sales tax exemption for education-related broadband subscriptions; amending Minnesota Statutes 2010, sections 290.01, subdivision 19b; 290.0674, subdivision 1; 297A.67, subdivision 14.
    House Authors Erickson ; Koenen ; Fabian

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