Border to Border Broadband Learning Stations

Folks who have attended a Minnesota Rural Summit will be familiar with the concept of the Learning Stations. The idea is to have several mini-sessions available and have folks attend sessions together in a sub-group. It’s a fun way to learn about a few projects. It might whet your appetite for a new interest or might confirm something you already know. I know in my group I learned at least as much from the questions from my group buddies as the session themselves, which is a comment on the good questions.

Also in the sessions I really saw the diversity of attendees. I was with a couple of librarians, a research policy person and a super techie. Yet the sessions offered something for everyone. It demonstrated to me that we’re at a place in Minnesota where deployment and adoption are part of the equation for moving forward.

Here are the topics of the Learning Stations (get more details)…

1. Cook County: Fiber Optics Through the Forest
2. Fiber To The Premise in Southwest Minnesota
3. Greater Minnesota Broadband Collaborative
4. Bringing Fiber to the Premise in Rural Minnesota: A Private/ Public Partnership
5. Halstad Telephone Broadband Stimulus Project
6. Fiber To The Premise in Lake County
7. Integrating Computer Literacy and ELL with Urban and Rural Latinos
8. Northeast Minnesota’s Middle Mile Fiber Project
9. Learner Web – A New Tool Supporting Digital Inclusion
10. Broadband Access: Engaging Diverse Communities
11. Todd County Planning for the Future
12. Connect Anoka County Community Broadband Network

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