Advice to the MN Broadband Task Force from Rick King and JoAnne Johnson

The newly named Minnesota Broadband Advisory Task Force should be meeting in the next few weeks to see how they can best lead the state to ubiquitous broadband coverage. It’s a good group with a hard job – but there are lots of smart people willing to offer advice and support to the Task Force. Yesterday I posted advice from former Task Force member Mike O’Connor. Today I’m pleased to post a conversation on the topic by Rick King and JoAnne Johnson – the Chairs of the previous Task Forces.

Both Rick and JoAnne have been in the unique position of leading the group that leads the state to more, better broadband. On a good day I think it was like leading an orchestra – on a bad day it was herding cats, but there were a lot more good days that not. I think their advice will help keep the music and broadband flowing to the areas in need.

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