More fallout/windfall from the Omnibus

Yesterday I mentioned about the tax changes for data centers brought about by the new Omnibus bill. Today I wanted to highlight some funding towards data centers – it comes from a list compiled by Senator Senjem.

Here’s the high level info…

The 2011 Omnibus Capital Investment Bill appropriates $478,278,000 from general fund debt service; $33,862,000 from user-financed debt service; $43,000,000 from the state transportation fund; and reflects $23,700,000 in cancellations or reductions of prior bond authorizations.

And here are some items that are of potential interest to folks interested in broadband. I say potential because frankly I won’t be checking into the details of each project but I could see the potential for broadband deployment or adoption in these programs. (I haven’t listed road work – but with the dig once effort, I probably could have.) I did want to highlight the Enterprise Technology piece…

15.27 Sec. 10. ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY $ 5,659,000
15.28 To the commissioner of administration
15.29 to predesign, design, construct, renovate,
15.30 furnish, and equip certain existing state data
15.31 center facilities and decommission certain
15.32 other existing state data center facilities.

Could feed into the idea of making Minnesota *the* place for data centers.

Metropolitan State University Science Education Center – $3,444,000
Minnesota State University, Moorhead Livingston Lord Library and Information Technology Renovation – $14,901,000
NHED Mesabi Range Community and Technical College, Virginia Iron Range Engineering Program Facilities – $3,000,000
St. Cloud State University Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facility – $42,334,000

Enterprise Technology – $5,659,000

Public Safety
Hennepin County Regional Communications Center – $4,700,000

Greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure Grant Program – $4,000,000
Innovative Business Development Public Infrastructure Grant Program – $5,000,000

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