Todd County gets National Attention for Fiber Feasibility Plans

We wrote about Todd County’s plans for a feasility study last month. They are getting more attention via a post by Chris Mitchell in Muninetworks. Chris has a nice, concise recap of Todd County’s plans thus far. (His story was picked up on the Baller Herbst list.) It’s great to see Minnesota communities going for fiber and getting attnetion for it…

Mark Erickson of Fiber to the Farm in Sibley County (which we have written about previously) spoke about their motivations and lessons learned.

The meeting showed enough interest for the County to commit $20,000 to a feasibility study. Arvig, a potential private partner, has put up another $20,000 and the Blandin Foundation has put up a match of $40,000 to get the study rolling. Blandin’s match support in other communities has been very helpful to communities who are reluctant to put too much money into a study that may tell them the network is too difficult and expensive to build.

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