Todd County moves forward with feasibility study

Earlier this week, the Todd County Commissioners voted unanimously to allocate up to $20,000 funds to match grant from the Blandin Foundation to perform a feasibility study. MPR’s Ground Level has been following the story. As they report, the County had been thinking about broadband for years, but the Todd County Livestock Advisory Council seems to have breathed new life into the effort…

Spurred on by the Todd County Livestock Advisory Council, which argues that fast connection speeds are necessary to meet the demands of a global agriculture market, the county held a community meeting at Long Prairie High School last week.

Around 80 people from all walks of life attended, said County Administrator Nathan Burkett, who has advocated broadband as an economic development tool for years.

The County Commissioners went on to vote to move forward. They will be working with U-reka Broadband on the feasibility study. U-reka Broadband’s John Schultz offered some thoughts on the effort…

“We believe the continued collaboration between the Private Sector and Public Sector can have a positive impact on the development of next-generation networks. Arvig Communication Systems and Todd County both have a vested interest in making sure that the service area continues to improve its broadband capabilities.”

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