More on SMBS’ plan to add wireless to their FTTH network

Last week I got to speak with John Schultz from U-reka Broadband about Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services and their plans to add wireless to their FTTH network in Southwest Minnesota. I think it’s a great example of where a community wasn’t asked to choose between the two but recognized the inherent strengths in each platform. You can hear how it came about, what it will mean to the communities served and advice for others thinking about how to provide broadband access.

I have to pull out one of the highlights. John points out the advantaged of adding wireless. In the short term wireless is a good way to provide service to hard to reach areas; in the long term it will offer mobility, which opens the door to more applications especially for folks who are in the field.

And by “in the field” we mean literally in the field. I found a fun article written by a dairy farmer (in California) that highlights the top mobile Apps for Farmers. Truthfully most of the apps would be helpful to anyone, which sort of makes the case that most of us are in the field at least part of our day.

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