Robert Bell from the Intelligent Community Forum

Robert Bell was kind enough to share his presentation with us – so I didn’t want to take too many notes – but just wanted to draw out a few things that struck me and capture the questions from attendees.

I grabbed one image from the presentation that  outlines the 5 points of the Intelligent Community Forum Framework. We’ve used it in various MIRC presentations. I like it because it’s instructive and simple in nature, yet can encompass a lot of customization and as much complexity as is needed at the community level. Just hearing about the successful communities – you can see that the framework allows of the local personality to shine.

Why do we strive to me intelligent? For our children.

Cleveland Ohio’s recipe: Create a co-op, give them the power to create a telecom and move forward. Provide access and training – especially to low income areas.

Moncton Canada’s recipe: Look at what still works and build on it.

Bristol Virginia’s recipe: Built a FTTH network, lawsuits ensued, but Bristol prevailed. Citizens saved money.

In each community:

  • We know we need to change
  • We’re going to find a few things to change
  • We’re going to focus on the ICF-5-Points

We need to move forward to remain world leaders and it needs to happen at the very local level.


How does the edu-bus network work outside technology?

In New Brunswick local businesses developed around the University where students could become graduates with jobs at the local businesses.

How does the ICF work with these communities?

We are not consultants. We feel that work must come from within the community. We are a knowledge resource. We started the Intelligent Community Association.

Can we start saying knowledge citizens instead of knowledge workers? Yes!

What kind of engagement has there been between K12 and programs? We hear from folks that students aren’t ready for higher ed.

In Eindhoven they have used technology and game playing for curriculum. If you can keep it real for kids, they will learn and businesses are glad to help. South Korea provides online tutoring, lectures and more.

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