KeyOn’s footprint grows with SouthWest Wireless Net Acquisition

In May I spoke with some folks at KeyOn, they were very forthcoming with their business plan, particially because as I noted at the time – it’s laid out in press releases…

KeyOn believes it can significantly improve its growth opportunities while achieving positive net earnings through:

  • strategic acquisitions of wireless broadband companies that complement its market footprint;
  • “Greenfield” network builds in new, strategic markets through participation in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (“ARRA”);
  • contiguous market deployments combined with organic growth within KeyOn’s existing footprint;
  • offering its subscribers bundled and additional services, such as satellite video and VoIP, to further increase average revenue per user; and
  • the strategic introduction of next generation networks, including fourth generation (4G) Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (“WiMAX”), that also provide advanced services such as nomadic or mobile data and video (“4G WiMAX”).

Well, they’ve increased their Minnesota footprint a little bit this week. According to Communications Technology

Wireless satellite broadband provider KeyOn has acquired a major portion of SouthWest Wireless Net’s broadband assets from New Vision to help extend KeyOn’s network footprint in southwestern Minnesota.

Looking at the SouthWest Wireless Net web site it appeared as if the deal was completed on August 2 and the impact to customers will be minimal. I couldn’t find a good description of their geographic service areas – except that their main office and NOC are in Windom and they have 18 tower locations, which appear to be located on grain elevators. (You need to have “line of sight to our tower location and be within at least 6 or 10 miles to have internet depending on the location”.)

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