News about the Task Force Report

The Ultra High-Speed Task Force report made a splash on Friday. I thought I’d follow up this weekend with the ensuing media…

Report urges increasing Minnesota’s broadband access (Minnesota Public Radio) – they praise the (nearly) symmetrical speed goals, they wish that the goal speeds were higher, mention that funding isn’t detailed in the report  

Don’t Let Broadband Disparity Create Two Minnesotas (Minnesota2020) – emphasizes the fact that the speed goals are a step in the right direction – and applauds the ubiquity. “As broadband service continues to become just as important as water and electricity, the disparity in speeds between urban and rural is creating two Minnesota’s. We can’t let that happen.”  

Ultra High Speed Task Force Report Released ( – praises the report but reconigzes that the role of local governments has been somewhat minimized and has focused on supporting commercial vendors who haven’t successfully focused on ubiquity

There’s no state money for broadband, but there are plenty of lobbyists (Politics in Minnesota) – the title says it all, but I’ll include one line from the short article: ” Telecom issues have a low profile at the Capitol. But lobbyists follow telecom closely, as indicated by the turnout at Friday’s State Office Building press conference. Firms that were represented by lobbyists in the audience included Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., Lockridge Grindal Nauen, P.L.L.P., and McGrann Shea Anderson Carnival Straughn & Lamb, Chartered.”

Broadband Goals Proposed In Minnesota (Information Week) – looks at the report and compares comments made by the Blandin Foundation. Praises the international goal. ” Setting a high bar for the state’s broadband, the task force recommends that Minnesota ” currently ranked 24th in the nation in broadband delivery — reach the global top 15.”  

Report: Internet speeds too slow in most of Minnesota (Star Tribune) – highlights the fact that 83% of the state will need a broadband upgrade to reach the speed goal for 2015  

Access to Democracy: a video of Rick King & Senator Doll

Retooling transportation in our 21st century challenge (Duluth News Tribune) – talks about broadband as a transport tool – a tool to deliver products and services and how broadband can save traditional transport tools

Tribune Editorial: High-speed broadband is critical statewide (West Central Tribune) – they recognize what access to broadband means to their region. “West central Minnesota needs to be at the forefront of the high-speed broadband development in the state. If the region is not, we will soon find ourselves left behind in many things — business, education and communications, just to name a few.”  

High Enough High Speed Internet? (Almanac Nov 6, 2009) – emphasizes Minnesota’s goal speed as being much faster than the federal goal. Access to healthcare is named as a broadband driver, also dicusses some ideas for funding.

Toward broad-based, cost-justifiable broadband (Pioneer Press) – highlights the economic potential of broadband, the advantages of public-private partnerships and the potential cost savings in terms of offering government services online (rather than off)

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