Speed bumps in Moorhead

GoMoorhead is a community-owned broadband providers. They started up in 2005 with some hiccups but they have about 2,500 customers.

According to InForum of Fargo-Moorhead, the Moorhead Public Service Commission met in July to discuss the possible sale of GoMoorhead. It was a closed meeting. (Appently public meetings can be closed when discussing price of property, appraisal data or to consider offers for sale of property.

So there aren’t many notes coming out of the meeting but InForum was able to report that GoMoorhead is not clearing a profit, although they recently won a lawsuit that provided some cash flow.

I found the description of their business goal from their web site to be very interesting:

At GoMoorhead.com, we are community-owned; that means we measure our success by how much money stays in the community, not how much is paid to stockholders.

If the average GoMoorhead.com customer saves $10 per month over other ISP options, and GoMoorhead.com has 2,500 customers, that’s a savings of $25,000 per month
or $300,000 per year!

It goes along with a quote from the InForum article:

[Public Service Commission President Ken] Norman said GoMoorhead’s technical problems have been dealt with, and he said the broadband service has served its initial purpose.
“GoMoorhead has caused there to be appropriate pricing for broadband services in Moorhead and delivered a service that has been beneficial both to us as a utility and also to the community,” he said.

It’s an interesting perspective. I remember Geoff Daily’s comments at a MN Ultra High Speed Task Force meeting that commercial providers should be supportive of municipal networks – because they can also be easy fodder for acquisition. It also reminds me of Jeff O’Neill (from Monticello) who seems more interested in keeping TDS in Monticello diligent with the competition of a municipal network.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the short and long term broadband situation in Moorhead.

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Librarian who follows rural broadband in MN and good uses of new technology (blandinonbroadband.org), hosts a radio show on MN music (mostlyminnesota.com), supports people experiencing homelessness in Minnesota (elimstrongtowershelters.org) and helps with social justice issues through Women’s March MN.

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