Northfield moves head with fiber and federal funding

Good news in Northfield. The City Council met on Monday to decide whether or not to appoint a workgroup to pursue a federal stimulus grant application for a Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) project based on information from their feasibility study.

The decision was to move ahead – or in the words of local blogger Griff Wigley, “The Council message was clear: Do it and do it quickly.” Apparently the Council appointed two councilors to the workgroup as well as 4-5 staffers. You can get the scoop and some great insights from Griff’s recent blog post on the meeting the Locally Grown blog.

People are asking the right questions and getting good answers. They’re looking at what happened in North St Paul – where the referendum for fiber didn’t pass and Monticello, where it did. They are looking at the role of the incumbents and how federal funding changes the playing field.

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