Telehealth Tools for the Masses

Thanks to Bill Coleman for sending me a great article from the New York Times on Zume’s the Zuri and other up and coming telehealth tools. The Zuri is a small handheld device that prompts users to take their pills on schedule and to keep track of health-related matters like diet and exercise.

The Zuri reminded me of the recent Lakewood Telemedicine update. They took are looking an implementing tools that will help monitor medical issues for patients and will allow monitoring to be accessed remotely – so a parent could check up on a kid at college or a kid could check up on an elderly parent. Or some days I must admit I’d like to check up to see how I’m doing!

The NY Times article pointed out that one beauty of the handheld device is that you can track symptoms or get reminders as you carry on with your day. The Times also mentioned a range of other services similar in one way or another to the Zuri – such as Google Health.

I can’t remember if I wrote about Google Health here but I looked into it this summer. Google has set up personal health portals. I would love to be able to print out shot records for the kids’ schools. (OK I guess that means I’d have to type it into the system, which isn’t going to happen.) It would be nice to see these tools take it a step forward where not only could you give the doctor access to you – but where you could get access to them or at least to your official health care records – for things like shot records.

Take that a step forward where these records can be shared all over the world – and it makes it easier for people to move from country to country. To borrow an image from Thomas Friedman, it makes use even flatter.

In my quest for the killer app – this is a definite contender!

Not a contender but a fun and semi-related application – Minnesota-based General Mills just created a series of video podcasts on healthy cereal. It’s a great way to impart health-related news. But even more than that it’s a great way for them to disseminate infomercials to partner (and other) sites. They have made it easy to embed the videos into your site – helping to boost the viral impact of the video. Here’s a sample and here’s a kind of helpful (not really) press release on the series.

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