Monticello awards contract for Fiber Loop project

Thanks a million to Lynne Dahl-Fleming for the following update on the progress in Monticello (despite the lawsuit issued by local ISP). I continue to be so impressed with their drive forward and appreciative of their efforts (spearheaded by Lynne I suspect) to keep us in the loop!

FiberNet Monticello Update
July 29, 2008

On July 28, the City Council approved to accept the bids and award the contract for the Fiber Loop project. This fiber build includes construction of 11.19 miles of fiber optics that is an important subset of the larger FiberNet Monticello project. The Fiber Loop will connect important commercial, industrial and civic facilities thereby allowing commercial and industrial users to have access to high-speed fiber optics for data only services via 100% fiber optics thus contributing toward the achievement of economic development goals. This fiber loop will also connect City Hall, Community Center and Public Works facilities to improve communication/data speeds and reduce Internet access expenses. The service provided at this time would include high-speed data only and no telephone or cable TV.

This projects includes the ability to connect up to 200 businesses that it will pass along the fiber route including the downtown area and most of the industrial park.

Construction is anticipated to commence on August 4, 2008 with a completion date on or before November 29, 2008. However, final completion will depend on the head-end building construction schedule which is proposed to be completed by December 12, 2008.

City Staff and the Fiber Optics Committee recommended moving forward on accomplishing the City’s goals of enhancing economic development and providing choice through development of this Fiber Loop. The project is projected to be financially self-supporting and can be integrated into the FiberNet Monticello system both financially and physically once it is constructed. The presence of this fiber network will assure choice and thus result in optimum ability to provide critical data transfer service to Monticello City businesses at a reasonable cost. Such a setting is important to achieving important economic development goals which include:

– Local business expansion and retention
– Relocation of business to Monticello
– Job creation

Note: FiberNet Monticello broke ground the week of July 14, 2008 for site grading and the start of construction for the head end building. FiberNet will be a public fiber optic network serving Monticello City residents and businesses. The site is located near the new water tower just off Highway 25 south near the movie theatre complex just off School Boulevard.

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