Moose Lake and New Ulm Get Broadband Updates

Moose Lake and New Ulm both participated in the Blandin Foundation Get Broadband program. Moose Lake used funding to create a public safety portal. New Ulm offered a series of e-commerce classes to local businesses and upgraded their Visitor Bureau web site. The goal of each program was to boost interest in and access to broadband in the community.

Well, we just got follow up data from the communities based on surveys administered by the Center for Rural Policy and Development. Here are the highlights from the reports comparing the baseline surveys administered at the onset of the program and the recent surveys:

New Ulm Reports
Computer Ownership went from 71.3% to 79.1%
Internet Connectivity went from 67% to 76.6%
Broadband Subscription went from 56.6% to 71.3%
About 38% of businesses connected to the Internet said they are using the Internet more now than a year ago, while about 43% said they are using it the same amount.

Moose Lake Reports
Computer Ownership went from 64.6% to 70.9%
Internet Connectivity went from 57.7% to 66.8%
Broadband Subscription went from 26.8% to 48.8 %

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