Lakewood Health System Update

We continue to research our telemonitoring purchase options. Last week, we had a representative from Patient Care Technologies demonstrate their well@home device.  The well@home model is unique in that it interfaces with Patient Care Technologies’ current Home Health software.  Our home health agency purchased this software a number of years ago.  This would mean our nurses would not have to re-enter the client’s telemonitoring statistics into the client’s online chart.  It would directly interface the information each time the client completed their vital signs, answered questions related to their health condition, or did not complete their tasks.  The newest well@home monitor includes the capability to obtain a 1-lead ECG- something that we have not seen in other telemonitoring products.  On their website: they include an interview with a well@home user from Minnesota. 

In Patient Care Technologies’ own one year study of CHF patients, patients who utilized well@home showed a 37% improvement in the management of their oral medications, 19% reported improved dyspnea, along with a 45% reduced ER care visit rate and 47% rate of decreased acute care hospitalization.  As we look for Medicare to begin the “pay for performance” standards for home care agencies, we are looking to improve our care and utilize more evidence-based process measures, like telemonitoring. 

Our last telemedicine demonstration is scheduled for May 1st from a company called Viterion. 

light speed communityThe Blandin Foundation is supporting four standout broadband programs through the Light Speed program. The program’s purpose is to stimulate the deployment of bandwidth intensive applications that connect local institutions to area resident’s home. This post comes from a Light Speed community leader.

2 thoughts on “Lakewood Health System Update

  1. Jessica,

    Do you mind if I ask – how did you start researching your options for equipment? Did you read the trade journals, ask colleagues, start with current vendors? You guys are so good about being diligent with the purchases and I’m just wondering how it starts.

    Thanks! Ann

  2. Hi, Ann. Thanks for your question. We used a number of resources to collect information regarding current telemonitoring vendors. A few people from Lakewood Health System attended the Age Odyssey which is a conference sponsored by the MN Dept. of Human Services and the MN Board of Aging. At the conference, they had a number of sessions on telemonitoring along with current vendors. The primary resource that we used was a listing from the MN Home Health Association listing the agencies that were currently using telemonitoring. After interviewing area agencies utilizing this technology, we selected the most commonly utilized vendors and begin researching their products. Hope that answers your question!

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