What is Exaflood?

According to the Internet Innovation Alliance, Exaflood “refers to the torrent of data the Internet will have to handle in the very near future. The amount of information we upload, download and share is growing at an exponential rate.”

The Internet Innovation Alliance is an association that believes in the power of the broadband Internet to improve Americans’ lives. They are committed to enabling Internet-based innovations by identifying and generating consumer support for wise public policy decisions.Broadband Factbook

They have created a Broadband Factbook that outlines broadband use, users, and growth in the United States. It starts with a basic definition of the Internet, cool map of “just about every router” in the US, flagged by provider, and moves into statistics benefits of broadband. (Did you know that the government saves $3000 for every telecommuter?)

The IIA chairs are both consultants in the telecommunications industry but each has worked for the government; one as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information and Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the other as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy.

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