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Nearly $2 million in Minnesota Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grants will move $6 million in broadband infrastructure projects forward in the cities of Corcoran and Rogers. These projects will enhance digital access for residents and businesses in these underserved areas of Hennepin County District 7.

The grants will defray some of the expenses to building out broadband infrastructure in rural areas, where lower population densities often make such projects cost prohibitive. The funding addresses not only unserved areas which do not have internet access, but also underserved customers which experience slow speeds that make using the internet difficult.

More details…

In Corcoran the total investment is $4.3 million with approximately $3 million in from the city, county and Comcast and $1.3 added from the awarded grant. The project will add a list mile of fiber that will provide or enhance service for:

  • 197 unserved households and 253 underserved households
  • Five unserved businesses and 30 underserved businesses
  • Six unserved farms, and five underserved farms

In Rogers the total investment is $1.6 million with $964,584 from the city, county and Comcast and $643,056 in grant funds. Comcast’s existing network will be extended to:

  • 86 unserved households and 66 underserved households
  • One unserved business and one underserved business and
  • 11 unserved farms


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