Need help getting online in Hennepin County – go to the library and ask about Digital Navigators

KARE 11 reports on Hennepin County Library’s Digital Navigation Program…

“The digital divide is huge. I don’t see it disappearing any time soon,” said Hunter-Porte.

Library leaders say between a quarter and a third of households in Hennepin County don’t have access to home broadband.

Hunter-Porte and her team have been helping fix that problem through the Digital Navigation Program. It’s a new service at Hennepin County Libraries that connects people to internet resources.

“I’m excited because I know what this provides our residents,” said Hunter-Porte.

Hennepin County residents who don’t have internet access can come to any of the county’s 41 libraries and submit an internet request form.

That form goes directly to digital navigators who will meet one-on-one with you and help with your technology needs.

Currently, digital navigators can meet at eight of the 41 county libraries.

Hunter-Porte says devices, internet connectivity and digital literacy are the priority.

Say you need a device like a hotspot or a computer. Hunter-Porte and her team will ensure you get that device set up and check in several times to ensure success.

You can lease a hotspot for three months with the possibility of an extension based on your needs. If you’re eligible for a computer, that becomes your personal property.

“But the ultimate goal is internet service enrollment so that they don’t have to rely on a hotspot for internet connectivity,” said Hunter-Porte.

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