IRRR approved $166,000 broadband grants in White Township and Ash Lake Area (St Louis County)

Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation reports in an email newsletter

Approximately $7.1 million in grants and other funding was approved at today’s Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board meeting. Total combined project investment is approximately $83 million. The projects are expected to increase the regional tax base, create permanent and construction jobs, provide essential services, support higher education and expand outdoor recreation. The infrastructure grants combined are anticipated to impact 46 jobs and create 356 construction jobs.

Here are the grants that related to broadband…

Broadband Infrastructure Grants: $166,000

Agency Investment $166,000 | Total Investment $450,165 | Leverage 1.7 : 1

  • White Township – Wynne Ridge & Rock N Pines Roads (Giants Ridge Area): $65,000 to expand Mediacom fiber optic to serve up to 25 unserved households in White Township.
  • Paul Bunyan Communications – Unorganized Township/Ash Lake Area (North of Orr): $101,000 to expand Paul Bunyan Communication fiber optic to serve up to 75 unserved households in the Ash Lake area. 

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